Relationships are life’s driving force.

The barometer of our souls.

Did you know studies show that when friends work side by side, they do a better job and get more accomplished?

Often times, superiors feel that talking and being friendly will lessen productivity, but quite the opposite is actually true.

So, if this is true in the work force…

…shouldn’t it also be true in our personal lives?

As a society, we have become wrapped up in social media, and the break neck speed of technology has isolated us and made us even lonelier.

We turn to our cell phones and screens to fill a void, but find our devices don’t have souls, and will never be able to compensate.

We are Soul Health.

Megan and Audra, committed to your soul’s health.

Our hope is to one day grow and expand throughout northwestern Colorado.

Our vision and goal is to one day create Christian Living Centers that will connect people to an all-inclusive holistic, healthy lifestyle – but for now, it’s just us.

Just two women, friends, wives, mothers, grandmothers… who met in graduate school 6 years ago with the same desire to reach the hurt, confused, unfulfilled, lost, and broken.

Souls that desire to be known.

Souls that long for deep, lifelong, meaningful connection.

In one of our favorite books, Anatomy of the Soul, Curt Thompson explained, “If you allow yourself to be known by God, you invite a different and frankly more terrifying experience. You are now in a position of vulnerability.

If you permit others to know you, they can make their own assessment of your worth. They can react to you. You give them power to be affected by you and in so doing to affect you. You grant them the option to love you or to reject you. In essence, you must – must – trust another with yourself.”

He elaborated, “To be known is to be pursued, examined, and shaken. To be known is to be loved and to have hopes and even demands placed on you. It is to risk, not only the furniture in your home being rearranged, but your floor plans to be rewritten, your walls being demolished and reconstructed. To be known means that you allow our shame and guilt to be exposed – in order for them to be healed.”

We’re on personal journeys to be known. We seek out God and allow Him to know us.

We make the daily decision to tread lightly through the waters of vulnerability and trudge courageously through the waves of life.

We invite you on your own journey.

The counseling process is different for each person.

Sure, everyone begins with initial paperwork and a chance to connect with a counselor, either on the phone, via email, or face to face at our office.

We offer a complimentary 30-minute consultation to give counselor and client the opportunity to get acquainted and for each to discover if they may be a good fit to begin some therapeutic work together.

From there, counselor and client will work together to create a unique path, designed specifically for you.

We’ll customize your therapy, utilizing different approaches and techniques that will best suit you and your unique situation. We will collaborate and communicate every step of the way.

Discover how being a follower of Christ is as much about BEING loved as it is TO love.
Come, learn how to live loved!

Meet The Counselors