Hello friend!
Here at Soul HEALth, we believe that life is what you make it.

So, in this often boring FAQ page, we (Audra and Megan) have decided tell it like it is and have some fun – all in hopes to lighten your burden and bring a smile to your face, while sharing valuable information.

Where are you located?
What better place to feel loved than in beautiful Loveland, Colorado?

Soul HEALth Counseling Center, PLLC is located at: 1764 Topaz Drive Loveland, Colorado 80537

We are behind McGraff’s American Grill off of Eisenhower (Hwy 34) and Boise. In the 2nd set of office buildings, 3rd awning, upstairs. If stairs are an issue for you, please let us know. We will make accommodations.

What are your hours?
One or both of us are usually in the office at some point every Monday – Thursday.

Because our schedules are flexible, it’s best to call or email to discuss a good time for us to meet.

Let’s face it. Soul HEALth Counseling began in the hearts of two women. Two wives. Two moms. Two grandmothers. And because we know how important and valuable it is for us to remain faithful and present in our existing roles, we take our time away from home and family extremely serious.

We’re committed to working with you to find a space that works for us both, but we ask that you make every effort to make it in as scheduled.

When necessary, we are absolutely willing to make special arrangements. But please keep in mind, your reason needs to be worthy of our time away from family. In these rare situations, please know, we will do everything possible to be available for you in your time of need.

How long are sessions? How much does it cost?

 $100 per session, one hour

Individuals, Couples, Families, and EMDR

A deal for you….

6 sessions for $500

For those who are committed and invested.
Must be used within 6 consecutive weeks.
Total amount to be paid up front, and is non-refundable and non-transferrable.


$250 per 3 hour intensive

$500 per 6 hour intensive, with 1 hour break

Intensives work well for individuals and couples who wish to utilize chunks of time, while remaining focused and invested in the moment. Intensives can oftentimes provide the necessary time and space to dive more deeply and intentionally into subject matter and story, all in the collaborative effort to help you feel better and get you situated on a path to hope and healing.

Intensives work really well for trauma work and EMDR therapy.

In-Home Counseling – I come to you

$25 additional fee, Loveland and surrounding communities.

 Sliding Scale

Our sliding scale is based on the honor system. We never want anyone to hesitate reaching out because of money! If you are in a difficult situation, please let us know, we are open and willing to discuss some different options.

Do you take insurance? Why or why not?
We cannot bill your insurance company. Although we’re happy to provide you with a monthly statement that you can submit to your insurance company for possible reimbursement.

We decided not to accept insurance because, presently, insurance for mental health is simply a crock of crap!

Most insurance panels require a diagnosis after session one. We’re just not comfortable with this. We do not especially care for labels and do not want insurance agencies determining the length and method of your care.

We’re more concerned with the root cause of the issues, how the issues have shown up in your life, and what we need to do together to help you heal and move forward. For however long it takes.

How do I set up an initial appointment?
What is your cancellation policy?
We appreciate 24 hours’ notice if you need to cancel or postpone our time together.

However, cancellations and postponements need to be made by 8:00 a.m. on the morning of your scheduled appointment, or your regular rate will be charged.

We realize emergencies arise, and we will gladly work with you when life happens. We also ask for the same consideration.

Why should I pick Soul HEALth over another therapist?
There are a lot of good counselors out there…
And we have personally learned from some of the best!

We feel honored to even be considered.

Our passion is people.
All of God’s people.
And their healthy souls.

We (Megan & Audra) have each done our own long, hard, exhaustive, and rewarding work. We both know how difficult it can be, and yet how extremely important it is, to be transparent and vulnerable throughout the therapeutic process.

To be seen.

We hope that you took some time to explore our website, and have gained a sense for who we are.
Who we really are.

We are all about relationship.
My relationship with you.
Our relationship with God, self, family, and each other.
And all the relationships in between.

We invest ourselves in a healing process that will help you explore life’s ripples and their effects on your quality of life. Individually and collectively, and in one way or another, we have personally journeyed through the issues you are probably struggling with right now.

We will walk with you as you explore these times in life knowing full well how high and scary the waves can get. You are in good and capable hands.


Yes, we are both happily married. We have loved and we have lost, and we have loved again. We have had mountaintop moments and have also trudged on through lowly valleys. We understand. We get it.


Oh boy, do we have lots of those too! We have brothers and sisters, parents, in-laws, nieces, nephews, and grown children. We have neighbors, co-workers, and a church family too. And yes, we even have grandchildren – hard to believe, huh?

We’ve had our fair share of relational conflict.

We love family members with mental health issues and addictions. We know the empty loneliness of heart-wrenching betrayal and rejection. We, too, have felt the panic of shear desperation, fear, anger, frustration, exhaustion, worry, pain, and confusion.

We’ve worked jobs we didn’t like, with people who were hard to like. We’ve served people who didn’t seem to care or even care to notice.


Oh yes! We’re in relationship with God… the creator of the universe, the Father of Abraham and Moses, the one from the Holy Bible.

And, yes, we’ve had it out with our Heavenly Father. On more than one occasion.

We have questioned where in the heck He is, and we have cried out only to get no answers.
And, yet, we have learned invaluable lessons during these extremely difficult and heavy times.

Who do you work with?
Do you have a relationship issue? If so, we would feel honored to work with you.

Though we share a passion for marriages and relationships, we will work with individuals and couples from age 18 to 80. We also love to work with families. And although we love the kiddos, we are not child counselors. But we have excellent referrals for the children, if you need.

What do you actually do in session?
We build relationship. Trustworthy, honest, and vulnerable relationship.
With each other.
With yourself.
With God.
And in your most meaningful relationships.

We want to know you. See you. Understand you, and what you are going through. It’s in this type of authentic relationship, real healing can be nurtured.

Are your clients assigned homework?
The real question is: Do you want homework? And, would you do it?

Everyone is different. Some people appreciate the idea of working on, and learning more about, ideas discussed in session. Others loathe the thought.

This is a decision we will make together.

Reading material, video clips, movies, and journaling are just a few examples of what might be asked of you. These are negotiable.

Practicing new techniques, such as communication skills, coping strategies, and behavior management are not negotiable. These are areas that can only improve when practiced. And in our office, doesn’t cut it. The real work begins between sessions, not in session. You must be willing to commit to some sort of effort, in order for change to occur.

What modalities do you use?
Our approach is both collaborative and integrative.

Depending on your needs, we pride ourselves in our ability to pull from several different approaches. Our toolbox grows with every season, as we continue to explore and learn more strategies to help you succeed.

Some of our most recognized and used methods include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (linking and altering how your thoughts, beliefs, and attitudes affect your feelings and behavior), Interpersonal Neurobiology (retraining your brain, especially within a relationship), EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, used mainly in trauma), and Narrative Therapy and Story Work (exploring your unique history, processing the pieces that may be causing pain, and rewriting in a healthier perspective).

What professional training or experiences do you have?
We both earned undergraduate degrees in Psychology; and, both of our graduate degrees are in Counseling from Colorado Christian University. While in school, we both received training in EMDR therapy and are currently working towards certification.

Since graduating, we’ve read and studied countless books on relationships, marriage, sex, and trauma. We are always looking for new learning opportunities, and have recently finished a 4 day intensive workshop with Michele Weiner-Davis.

Although we love all kinds of relationships, our focus is on loving, thriving, fruitful marriages. Solid marriages have the potential to enjoy strong, stable families with healthy, confident children. These experienced and healed souls are then able to go out into their communities, their neighborhoods, to their places of work, schools, and church organizations to give back, to serve each other, and to offer up their best possible selves.

We believe in the value of healthy marriages and healthy relationships. Having been married for a total of 44 years between the two of us, we bring a lot of different experiences and perspective to each therapy session.

Are you going to shove God down my throat?
As you probably know by now, our worldview comes from a biblical perspective.

Our belief is that God did everything for us, so we do everything for Him in return.
That being said, we’re not here to shove our agenda on you.

We believe that true healing begins by allowing the truth of God’s love to permeate our souls.
We’re just here to love and guide you, as you journey down your unique path of healing.

We desire to be used as an open vessel, to love you right where you are.

How much God/religion/spirituality/biblical truths are brought into session, is completely up to you.
We welcome the conversation.