Individual Counseling

Are you feeling lost? Confused? Hopeless?

Not sure of where to go, or what to do next?

Stella sat in front of me feeling this exact same way.

Life had just dealt her a hand that she actually saw coming.

However, once again, Stella had hoped and prayed her fears would not become reality.

But here she sat, feeling a bit numb, with no clue how to move in any direction… let alone forward.

Life can be brutal.

At times, every turn can feel like a new, unwanted slap in the face.

For Stella, unfortunately, she had lost another meaningful relationship in her life.

And she says she doesn’t understand why this keeps happening.

Suppressed emotions…

How difficult is it to hold a beach ball under water? You want to know how big it is, don’t you?

We often use this visual image to help clients connect with how suppressed emotions affect us.

You may be able to hold a smaller ball under the water… for a little while. But if the ball is larger, it becomes more and more difficult to hold it under.

And no matter the ball’s size, if we are not diligent and on top of it at all times… it will shoot up straight out of the water!

…and how those suppressed emotions affect us.

For most of us, when this happens, we are left feeling embarrassed, weak, guilty, and wet.

When we continuously shove our emotions down and choose to not speak up when we have something to contribute, it may begin to feel as though we are balancing on that “beach ball of life.”

If we ignore our own truth, quiet our voice, and refuse to confront issues with those whom we love and live with, our beach ball becomes too big.

Make no mistake: It will find its way to the surface—usually when we least expect it… leaving us reeling in shame.

A New Perspective through Counseling

Stella committed to weekly counseling.

She dove right in to the muck and slowly began to untangle her story. She discovered some deep-seated beliefs and repetitious life patterns.

Over time, Stella became increasingly aware of the destruction that some of her beliefs and patterns had caused: the loss of too many meaningful relationships.

Although she knew that all relationships have issues, she didn’t know how to face and handle the problems in a way that promotes progress, health, and deeper intimacy.

Counseling and Rediscovered Self-Worth

Today, Stella will tell you that the personal growth and behavioral skills she has gained are invaluable.

Having rediscovered her self-worth, she is sure to enjoy a better future.

If you can relate, and are also feeling lost, confused, and/or hopeless…

Please know, support is not far away.

Call today – 970-670-SOUL (7685).

We look forward to loving you, right where you are.